Aftermarket Deflectors For Cars

Whether you call them wind blockers, rain guards, or wind deflectors, they do a great job in reducing turbulence. These custom accessories usually attach to the front hood, window areas, and sunroof of the vehicle. Featuring a wing-like design, bug deflectors are placed to the front hood. They protect the vehicle from damages caused by flying road debris. The purpose of wind deflectors are to reduce wind noise and rushing air that reaches occupants making the journey more comfortable. They also allow fresh air to circulate inside the cabin in rain or shine when the window is open.

The car's front can be affected by road debris in the path of the moving vehicle. The speed at which a car travels increases the probability of damaging the vehicle's body with rocks, sand, dust, bugs. These, in its turn, can cause dents, cracked windshield, and chipped paint that result in corrosion and rust. A cracked windshield can impair a driver's vision and can worth a lot. Wind and bug deflectors are a smart investment and the right decision for admirers, especially for those who want to feel comfortable on the road.

The bug deflector is specifically designed to fit the front hood line and to protect the vehicle's body from road debris that can strike or scratch the car. Instead of hitting the vehicle's body, rocks and bugs strike the deflector and rebound from it without hitting the vehicle, thus, reducing the risk of damaging the body. That is why a bug deflector might be a smart investment for car admirers who often drive in extreme conditions that can cause damage.

Gts Window Louvers

Window deflectors install simply in window channels allowing fresh air to enter the cabin and preventing rain, dust, and snow from getting in. They also allow interior heat to escape making the driving comfortable. Sunroof wind deflector is a fixed deflector that installs to a sunroof to deviate wind. Sunroof deflectors are available in the variety of sizes, styles, and shapes to choose from. A benefit of having such accessory is that it can reduce the frequency of air conditioner use, because passengers can open the sunroof for ventilation. This can increase fuel economy and decrease the use of energy.

Made of the finest acrylic material that is specially treated to resist blistering UV rays and scratching, these aftermarket products are designed to provide your car with perfect protection. You can keep the window partially open on rainy days without your vehicle's cabin getting drenched. It is a superb and affordable addition to your vehicle that is aerodynamically made to create a sliding effect. These custom products precisely fit your car. In-channel installation requires no drilling, cutting, or other modifications.