1990 Saturn S-Series Weathertech Stone AND BUG Deflector

Nobody wants to see their most loved cars being marred and tainted with debris from the road but sometimes we cannot help but be accidentally strike with stones, bugs and other small and flying objects while travelling causing our windshield, paint and hood to be vulnerable to scratch, wreckage, or breakage.

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It is a good thing that an increasing number of automotive companies continue to develop products that can help us in safeguarding the welfare of our vehicles. MacNeil Automotive for example, as a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive parts and accessories has included several car body protectors on their products. The WeatherTech's Stone and Bug Deflector for 1990 Saturn S-Series is one of the most amazing accessories that can be put in a vehicle to ensure its safety against harsh bugs and environmental debris. Otherwise known as stone or bug shield, this deflector protects the windshield and hood of cars and trucks from accidentally being strike by stones and other flying debris on the road making the body paint absolutely untainted and scratch-free.

The 1990 Saturn S-Series stone and bug deflector is aerodynamically crafted to provide utmost protection against bug stains and cracks. It is made from high quality acrylic material, which is extremely durable and scratch resistant. This product was crafted with utmost precision; it is custom made and molds perfectly to ensure a sleek and beautiful fit for your vehicle. The good thing about these deflectors is the installation, since the deflector can be fastened on your vehicles using a 3M adhesive or other heavy-duty fasteners you don't have to worry about drilling holes and marring your paint just to put it. Attaching it takes only around 15 minutes or less of your time and is absolutely easy.

Depending on your vehicle's model, it can also be screwed to existing holes so there's absolutely no need to put additional holes. However, you may need to consider the make and model of your vehicle before ordering a deflector since it is not available for every vehicle. Some cars with a convex hood and sloped-designed windshield are not intended to fit deflectors.

Our vehicles work hard for our pleasure and comfort so it's important that we give them the best care and protection we can give to ensure its long life and preserve its beauty. The 1990 Saturn S-Series Stone and Bug Deflector from WeatherTech is an essential fixture that combines good looks and extreme protection made especially for our car's protection.