2002 Toyota Tundra Weathertech Sunroof Wind Deflector

Who does not love driving a car with an open roof? With its open air, sleek style and alluring design sunroof is definitely one thing to experience. Yet sometimes no matter how you love the sunroof, the noise and turbulence from the wind that's passing inside it can be irritating and utterly annoying giving you no choice but to close the roof instead. Imagine going over 100kph in an open road, a strong gust of wind passing inside the sunroof will definitely shock your system and all your passengers.

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It's a good thing 2002 Toyota Tundra Wind Deflectors by WeatherTech for sunroof has been invented; this simple accessory does a wonderful job in keeping our sunroof virtually less noisy and less irritating. This attractive 4mm thick smoke-tinted acrylic boasts of its indestructibility and ergonomic design giving protection and additional style for your cars, trucks and SUV. The Sunroof Wind Deflector is made to reduce the in-cabin noise of the wind; it redirects the air making it go up and over the roof instead of going inside thus reducing noise and turbulence for a worry-free and smooth travelling. Since the deflector is tinted it can also be use to shade the passengers of the vehicle against the sun's annoying rays.

Not only does it deflects the wind it also prevents dust and debris from passing inside. The deflector comes with a heavy-duty fastener, a MagiClip for precise sealing and installation without the need to drill holes and mar the exterior of your vehicle. The dark tint goes well with any vehicle and can easily blend with the color and design of your automobile. It has a rubberized air-cushioned edge for superior sealing and grip, and preventing the paint from becoming marred and tainted to keep your precious vehicle sleek and stunning.

2002 Toyota Tundra WeatherTech Wind Deflector is designed to fit the contour of factory mounted sunroof, for aftermarket installations it is best to consult the manufacturer first to ensure if they can supply you and avoid any inconvenience or wasting of money. There are some suppliers of universal deflectors however but you may need to choose carefully to ensure the perfect mounting.

So never be afraid of opening your sunroof and feeling the fresh breeze of morning. Have your vehicle ready for the picturesque view by installing a custom fit sunroof wind deflector and be free to gaze at the starry sky in the evening. With WeatherTech Sunroof Wind Deflector, enjoying the sun or the moonlight has never been so worry-free and stylish.