Stone And Bug Deflectors

The deflector is an important auto part, which can protect your automobile from stone and bugs, keeping it clean and making the journey a more comfortable. The road debris or bugs can hit the windshield and hood that can cause damages such as chipped paint and cracked windshields. The stone and bug deflector is mounted on the front part of the hood. It is designed to create a slipstream effect that can push the bugs and road debris over the top of the automobile. The investment in the deflector is worth it compared to the costs on repair the damages caused by the flying debris.

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The bug deflectors are not produced for all vehicles. The most cars are designed with sloping windshields and down-turning hoods. Such aerodynamic design minimizes the wind resistance and let the wind stream over the car preventing bugs and debris from hitting the hood and windshield. The bug deflector is important for the SUVs and trucks as they have vertical windshields and flat hoods that are not wind resistant and let the bugs and stones strike the windshield and cause damages. The installation of the bug deflector can add aerodynamics necessary to push these objects over the automobile.

The bug and stone deflectors are often produced from the high grade acrylic. This material well-known for its scratch, crack and warp-resistance. The stainless steel is another material used in the production of the auto deflectors. Both materials are durable, rust resistant as well as impact-resistant to stand up to flying road debris and bugs. The bug deflector can serve both as protection and as a popular styling accessory, which enhances the exterior appearance of the vehicle. Produced to fit exactly onto your vehicle they come in either smoked or clear configurations. The deflectors can be painted to match or accentuate the color of your automobile. They come in a wide range of designs, styles, and finishes to meet every need.

The deflectors are computer-designed for a custom fit. Following the lines of the vehicle, its design provides the factory installed look. Most deflectors have a simple no-drill installation. Some of them are secured onto the vehicle with pre-applied automotive tape. Others are secured by means of sturdy clips and push-rivets. These off the hood installation makes deflectors cleaning a snap. Once installed, the bug deflector adds protection and styling appearance to your automobile, making the journey a more comfortable.