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The range of the popular automotive accessories includes the solar-wing. This auto part is used to protect the interior of your automobile from the sunlight that makes the journey a more comfortable. Designed in a dark tint, the solar-wing is UV resistant and can shield the passengers from the glaring sun. Besides the sun reflecting function, the solar-wing has decorative function adding aerodynamic accents to the style of your vehicle.

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Fortunately today you have the opportunity to choose from the range of the aftermarket wind deflectors available in various designs, styles and tints to meet your needs and fit your vehicle. The aftermarket solar-wings are produced for specific vehicle to ensure that they look like originally factory installed equipment. The solar-wings are computer-designed to ensure precise fit. Made of the high-grade composite material, they are durable enough to withstand severe weather conditions. Crafted from the impact-resistant acrylic, which is well-known for its scratch, crack and warp-resistance, the solar-wings is impact-resistant and durable enough to withstand impact of the harmful particles and stone chips.

Protect the rear windshield of the car from sunlight by means of solar-wing that improves the comfort in the rear seats during sunny days. This automotive accessory is easy to install. The product comes along with detailed instructions that will guide you through the installation steps. No drilling or modification are required. Custom-made design ensures perfect fit and conformity the contours of the factory parts.